Rosa is also Bilingual in Spanish

Rosa links in directly with her guides and the communicators in Spirit, working directly on behalf of the  client.  It is for the purpose of proving the continuity of the soul and providing guidance on a personal level.  

It was in October 2012 that she first experienced going into Trance whilst communicating with Archangels.  From then on she continued taking formal instruction of her mediumship Training & Development from her guide Wong and Archangels guidance on a daily basis at home.  Working on expansion of the Chakras to increase her vibration.

The guidance and instruction is given in a way that is old english!  and not the way she speaks. There has been a need to re-structure into shorter sentences which run on, whilst keeping the essence of that which is being conveyed. Understanding key words such as at-one-ment, meaning in this moment! 



Rosa's communications are on guidance for everyday living, integrating Spiritual Law and Spiritual Philosophy from the Higher Realms of Consciousness. 


She was invited by Wong, Archangels and Ascended Masters to put forward topics upon which discourse would follow.  All the information would be recorded and then transcribed to enable her to put her conscious mind to the side.  Wong would give her feedback and further instruction, explaining the processes of this particular New form of Trance Development. Through this form of Instruction (given verbatim,)  the unfoldment of a book has commenced.  Preface, forward and two chapters.

It is not until June of 2016 whilst asking spirit, when is the rest of the content to follow? that she was made aware to her horror that upon transcribing all the personal guidance and structuring this in accordance with the chapters that had been given in advance, would it be ready!

When she works on platform or giving private readings it is

Celestial beings of Divine Love and Light, Ascended Masters,  Guides and communicators of loved ones in Spirit that will blend their energies to deliver what is to be conveyed, supported by evidence. 

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Janet Orman and Ivy Northage 

Mediumship Rosa Plaza

Rosa considers herself privileged to have undertaken her training  through the tutorledge of  Ivy Northage and Janet Orman given through the instruction of Chan, Ivy Northage's guide, at The College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington and at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain in Belgravia.  


Mediumship Rosa Plaza

Ivy Northage Guide

Chan - As pictured in her book

"Mediumship Made Simple"


Eighty-three year old Ivy Northage started as a medium as a result of her husband's experiment with table turning.  When she received information from her father, whom she had never know, which her mother was able to confirm.

She developed her gift through her spirit guide, Chan, who undertook all her training.  After a request to conduct a development class, which necessitated a further two years training from Chan, teaching became her priority.  Her main contribution to mediumship has been to promote in students the ability to use their gift in the best possible way.  In 1970 she was invited to join the College of Psychic Studies, as both teacher and medium.  She has participated in television and radio programmes and is still conducting workshops, demonstrations, lectures and private sittings.