Archangels have a profound effect on our being and lives.  They meticulously work in harmony to alleviate all discord and disharmony that exists in our everyday life.  They say "We anticipate many worries and concerns that have an effect upon our minds and our actions and results in unnecessary friction.  With encouragement and enlightenment obstacles are dissolved."

It is with great joy that we gather once again in these times. We have further information which we would like you to focus upon. There is a great need during this transition for others of service.  We take that which is of importance and relevant as we go forward in this direction as a vocation and of the many tools that are afforded.


We ask for your patience and that you trust.  Allow your mind to be still dearest one, to serve is a joy a gift to be of service to mankind.  To enable others through personal message a duality if you wish.  You will see the development and the faculties that are of God given gifts, to serve others.  To be of service.  We underestimate new opportunities to serve and to create and give purpose to our own being.


Truth and restrictions which are placed in the form of our own uncertainties  in delivering truths. Commanding of our own ambitions, practice.


Expectations of the mind simply serve as functions to our every day decision-making.  Obedience, enabling ourselves to channel freely without having to intercept or interject any point of view.  All learning takes place in the beginning with requests to put oneself fully aside to enable spirit to merge and talk freely about topics and other subjects that are pertinent.  Desire for perfection can also be mistaken and allowences for our own imperfections.

Enjoyment and physical practice, perceptions and preconceived notions and ideas are often prevalent during this time of learning.  This time of fruition when we have no idea what our development or how our development, or our form of channelling is going to commence or how it is being delivered. It is about letting go of any physical component and mental thought processes.  All forms of divination involve letting the mind and channel be guided.   Taking time and effort during each working day to put aside certain times for participation.  Being frugal in other aspects of one's learning.  Complications that may arise in other forms of mediumship, how is it to be deliverd, the practical application in allowing your own guides to motivate you. Trusting and allowing, working as one, knowing that you are being practical. 

Examples of Guidence Given From Archangel and Ascended Masters


Archangel Haniel’s Guidance

28th of July 2013


Child of light and love, Archangel Haniel would like you to be of service now.

We say with this wanting and needing to purposefully manifest.   For this manifestation’s we need to join our two minds as one.   We ask quite simply that you find time within your working day and then quicken, expanding your own consciousness, increasing your own vibration.   We will look at how we will work for the purposes of manifestation and the joining of our consciousness.


Enlightenment within this Angelic Field.  The Realm of Angelic Divine Beings of Light will consciously apply.   We shall see how we may, using this form of communication and expansion of consciousness work at will.   We can and shall.


 Wonderful opportunities to make a difference.  Consciousness has this impact now, in the sense, that we will work through you as a Trance medium.   We ask now simply, that you want and need to be of service.   To be practical when deciding what and when we shall, link in this form of communication


We ask how you are able to feel this communication? This expansiveness.   We need now, to show you how we can attract this form of wonderful work.   We cannot be of service for attraction of purpose.   We understand how you are looking to serve.   We feel you are ready for this proposal.   To plan and step, one step at a time.   We ask now that you be in touch with your own feelings, this wanting to purposefully join in this form of communication for lengthy times.


We can and will be at one in mind, for this communication, this sanction of divine beings.   We know how you want to be of service, with purpose.  Rewards are of merit dearest.   We do attract like-minded situations and we therefore say, want, need, allow your own feelings of worth to flourish, to feel the joy and the harmony which we bring to you.   We can feel how your wondering this will, come to fruition.   We can and do look for outlets and opportunities for current work.   We see what is available, upon request.   We therefore link, our own energy and join in thought to attract.


 We wish this form of communication to be of service to others and we shall practice in harmony.  We ask for you to purposefully, to understand how Divine Beings and Ascended Masters are able to fully work in compassion with other divine beings of the Angelic Realm.


Allow spirit to orchestrate this, on your behalf.   We say now to look at your own progress.   How is it that this “Book and its content” is of merit and of value.  


We see how you feel regarding the complexities of structure, the appendix’s that are needed and the information that is being asked of you.   We will and shall work intrinsically, to look upon this, as a form of service.


 We structure the following chapters within the form that it has been written.   We say to look at how you may, using this form of communication, be able to simply take what you feel is relevant or pertinent to that sub-section and work slowly through the relevant chapters.


 We do not wish this to be a time of displeasure or a form of frustration.   We have this wonderful opportunity now, to use this time with care, with patience and for healing purposes.   We simply ask that you feel our strength and need to want and need to continue purposefully within this form of work. 


 Emotional balance is necessary, for we shall see, how we are to overcome this, practically.  Take our love and be at one in the moment.   We say wanting and needing purposefully for “Our Book” will keep you purposefully happy.   We see how you feel about the financial situation and we say there are now opportunities, that you may advance.   To use your work to benefit others. 


You do want to serve.  We see how you combine you own wanting and needing to help other mediums and those who are also of service.  We feel this is accomplished, this is of merit to your own wonderful self.  Your giving of your inner knowledge, the combined manner in which you are looking to help others through your own form of learning. 


Trust, sincerity and truth are the tools with which we purposefully serve spirit. Divine Beings of Light are now working, resourcefully on my own behalf to deliver what has been deceitfully taken from you.  We keep our mind purposefully joined so that we may combine our own communication.


Divine beings of Angelic form are wanting now, to use this form of communication to impart truth.  We say take what is of benefit to share with others, to combine your own learning and to give time, purposefully.  We say with love how successful we wish this to be.  Success and rewards for your own spiritual work.  This form of combined linking will structure your time and lend itself to a greater purpose.  Be assured, this is not your own conscious mind. 


This, Archangel Ariel is given with purpose to serve mankind, to bring joy and upliftment when there is negativity of thought.  To project our love, into the souls of others.  To be of compassion, to be of service and to work with this inner joy and contentment in a practical fashion. 


We take our own knowing and respectfully convey our own thoughts via this form of communication.  It is with this purpose that we shall continue to work as one.  We say now dearest, to look upon us as angelic hosts of truth, of love.  We shall not abandon you.  We shall be of strength and purposefully guiding you, in the right direction. 


 We ask you now to put aside your own mistrust in fellow man and to walk proud, with strength, with dignity, for we shall walk with you.  Be of strength and of purpose.  Now we say, we shall keep you informed, regarding this communication structure and time. 


This situation of financial assistance, is in hand.  We say with patience, be happy.  Allow your own feelings of happiness to surface now, in the knowledge that we have your well being. 


We now want you to feel our strength.  Child of light and love, Archangel Haniel, Ariel and Jeremiel will want you to form a strengthened link and harmony will prevail dearest.

 Be strength now.





Archangel Guidance

9 August 2013


We say we see how you are feeling and we offer you our love, our resourcefulness to use.  We say we wish our own thoughts to uplift you, to inspire you and motivate.  We know there is this wonderful communication link in progress.   We say we feel your thoughts we see how you have allowed Archangel guidance to inspire you, to work on your behalf. 


We know how you are feeling and we offer you our love, our resourcefulness to use.   We wish our own thoughts to uplift you, to inspire you and motivate you. 


 This wanting and  needing to serve.   We say now to be at one, service is in progress.   We can and will be working.  Archangel Haniel, has wanted to speak to you for your own knowledge.   We now ask for permission, to use your conscious mind.  Archangel Ariel & Archangel Jophiel.  We say now, we are Beings of Light, Divine Beings of Light.   We say with respect, that wanting to serve is wonderful.   Now we can and will, manifest what is needed and wanted.  


We have this infinite power.   We say now to look upon these changes as one of freedom from repercussions.   We have looked at your wants and your needs for security, for contentment.   We ask simply that you feel ready, to use your wanting and needing for manifestation.   We are looking into how, you can manage financially until we can and will restore your own monies taken deceitfully.  


We say to be at one in the moment.   We say do not feel afraid, to look at how you may utilise your own wanting and needing for harmony.  Take strength dearest, be strength.


We say now with great respect for our fellow beings, we Archangels of Divine Beings of Light are working together, to form a thought capsule, in which we may be able to substantiate, how it is that divine beings of light and love are able to collectively, purposefully, take energy and through its application, allow physical phenomena to manifest.


We see how it is that we can keep your own thoughts to the side, for we are able to look ahead, as you are about to speak.   We then convey our own words.  We say now, to keep your wanting and needing apart.  Taking this wonderful opportunity for enlightenment, to serve with purpose.


We ask now, how we may provide what it is needed for this task.   We keep looking to see how we may form this unity, this bond for the work that is in progress.   We see how it is that we can and do speak, words of love, of joy of truth.  We have this infinity, this way in which we are able to relay, how we wish this process to work.   We now wish you to be content, happy, secure.   We can and will, see how we may apply Divine Law, through this process of working in communication with you.   We simply ask that you find time when you may be able to sit quietly and we then speak our truths.  We say with love, that there is nothing to fear, for we shall be looking at ways in which you are to move on. 


We shall inspire you by thought and we shall alert you as and when. We ask now that you are to keep patient.  Stay calm, we are in charge and we ask for your own needs and wants.  Be of light mind, happy and use your own calmness of mind to manifest, to speak with truth and sincerely. 


We say when you have this wonderful gift of attunement, that we will serve with this purpose, of delivery; of spiritual value through the word of this communication. 


Now, when we are to work, we shall say “now work”.





Wong (Guide of Rosa) & Archangel Guidance

22 October 2013

  What is it we shall practice today?   We shall see how we can motivate and inspire you. Guidance has been wonderful.   We allow our own conscious minds as you know to blend together.   When we have this connection we are then able to relay instructions through this means of communication.


We ask therefore that you allow sufficient time to prepare consciously in that we will prepare the energy and heighten the vibration in advance.   We see how we are able to put some effort into allowing time, fragments of time in which we can conclude our communication.   We say therefore to look to see how we may prepare in advance using time ahead .  We ask therefore that we can consciously plan and structure your working time.  We have this in mind dearest, we have taken into consideration other practical elements and therefore we can and shall continue with our work, undeterred. 


 We ask quite simply if we are able to communicate in advance that we may receive the thought for preparation and this shall heighten the frequency on which we can work.  


Wanting to use your own common sense for we know there is practical exercises we may be able to explore.   We ask therefore that when you know, we say to use your own wisdom and knowledge now, for we know that during this transition of changes allow your own wanting and  purposefully to work in this manner.  To heighten your own vibration, so that we are able to expand upon your consciousness.   Be strength now child of light and love.   We can and do work in this form together, on a practical level.  Be strength, keep your mind joyful, content.


We see how we are approaching a new beginning, for both of us.  We do not lie, child of light, we ask therefore, that you take pleasure from this time remaining within this space.  Enjoyment further pleasure, in due course shall come.   Take time on a practical level, to be happy.   Time to walk, to feed the birds to take your own wisdom and join in with others amongst your own peers.   We say this with concern for your own growth, your own stability.


 We simply ask that you feel free, to be yourself.   Keep your mind positive whilst you are in these conditions.   We shall see to it in due course, whereby you will be able to accelerate your own well-being.   To stay calm, whilst you live here.  


We do deliver sincerely, we love you.   We want you to be happy, to take our love and wisdom and rejoice in this knowledge that we have this matter in hand.   We shall allow time dearest, for recreational purposes, in which you may also relax your own conscious mind.   Do not be concerned regarding financial acumen.   We see how this shall be of merit, this work situation in which you are needing to prove how you are seeking work.  


We say there is no need to panic for we shall provide outlets for your work shortly, whereby you may continue to link in this form of communication with Archangel Guidance, Wong and Ascended Masters.   We shall dearest be happy and content.   Allow yourself small pleasures, the rewards that life has to offer frequently, for we see how it is that you have endured this stretch, this form of relationship and we know how it will cease.   Your own wants and needs are now being delivered, child of light and love.


We ask now, do be happy, do take time to play and feel freedom, freedom to be of worth.   To be happy, to mix with other like-minded peers, as we continue to work in this manner.   We shall say work now and this will be your opportunity to continue in this manner, for it is with this work and through this heightened link that our expansion can continue and our work will continue.   Preparation of time ahead, in due course will be of benefit.   As we now say with love be of service, of joy and contentment and keep positive dearest child, be positive now.