This book was written by one of Britain's best know teaching mediums and for many years has trodden the path of dedication and service with Chan, her spirit helper.  "A sincere desire to serve and a positive recognition of the reality of your psychic ability are all you need to join the ranks of those who seek to comfort and uplift mankind." So says Ivy Northage.

This book covers all you need to learn about your mechanism, how it operates, and up on what level your particular mediumship belongs

It is a "must have" for all those wishing to understand and apply the comprehensive excercising and closing of the psychic centres.  Some of the many subjects covered include:

Exercising and Closing Psychic Centres, All About the Psychic Centres, Healing, Psychometry, Auric reading, Astral Travel, Clairvoyance, The Aura, Psychic self-defence, Guides and Doorkeepers, Problems of Mediumship and much more.

It is still in the top 100 sought after spiritualist books list and is at this time, only availble to buy as a 2nd hand book.