Mediumship Rosa Plaza
More documents on Guidance and further understanding of Spiritual Law and The Law of Attraction is to be added as this site develops

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This is a section from the chapter "The Purpose of Our Life" the book Rosa is writing has been given to her direct through her Trance writings from Wong her guide.  As her Trance develops so does the book and its content. 

This Trance Guidance was given during a time when the Want & Need to give up Smoking was the intention. The Laws of Manifestation in brief was also pointed out.  Very helpful to those whom wish to give up habits of their own!

Guidance given to Rosa by Celestial Beings of Divine Love and Light at a time of ongoing growth and major changes.

The circumstances through which you are living are not the trouble - The trouble is the way you react to the circumstances .........

There is so much to be set right in the world.  There are so many to be led and helped and comforted, that we must continually come into contact with such in daily lives......

As depicted by Haydn Clark
As depicted by Haydn Clark